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About Missionary Bryan Girard

Missionary Bryan Girard has been in Papua New Guinea, on the island of New Britain, since February of 1993, and living in the Kandrian area since December of 1993. There have been a number of churches started in the Kandrian area under this ministry, and in 2002 he started the PNG Baptist Hymnal. Later he began to help Missionary Dave Holland with the translating of the King Jems Pidgin Baibel.

As of June, 2014, he and his wife of 31 years Teena have seven children in America, with four of them that are married. Two of their children, Rist and India, still live with them.

Of the married children, Jael and her husband Joshua have four children, Gary, Chloe, Alexander, and Brynna; Enoch and his wife Berlyn have one child, Monserrath; Seth and his wife Anna are expecting a girl in October; and Selah and her husband Clint Burden have two children, Benaiah and Charity.

Ulysa, Cyrus, and Hadassah are still single.

Contact email:
U.S. contact until mid-September 2014: 619-335-6983
PNG contact after mid-September 2014: 011-675-7397-0693

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Last Updated June, 23rd 2014

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